Branding is a marketing practice wherein a corporation creates a name, logo or design that is effortlessly identifiable as belonging to the company. This facilitates to identify a product and distinguish it from other services and products.

We at Brim conceptualize and produce unique, compelling, and bespoke luxury branding, marketing and branded content for recognized brands in every industry. How to use logo design, brochure design, media buying, media planning, product catalogue, flyer, and branding collateral for the growth of the business. Effective Marketing, Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Luxury Branding, Advertising, we plan everything that can help a brand to create its impact in the market with minimum time span.

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Brand Identity

The visual and sensory representation of a brand, including its logo, colours, typography, and images, is known as brand identity design. It creates a distinct and memorable brand image that helps in awareness and uniqueness.

Our experienced team designs logos carefully, chooses significant colours and typefaces, and generates visually coherent pieces. Brim provides a unique and memorable identity that resonates with your target audience by understanding your brand’s soul. Brim develops concepts into appealing brand representations, encouraging recognition and setting you apart in the field of competitors. Our unique and specialised brand identity design services will help you improve your brand.

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We are a kind of agency that seeks to empower, enlighten and guide brands through the art of nuanced design, storytelling, content creation, and target market engagement. Digital services are an effective social medium where we strategically set target audience; decide the geographical layout of our posts. After that, we develop creatives for the post and at the end, we measure how it is changing a client’s financial direction.

We evolve a brand’s marketing strategy to meet the changing emotional and physical perspective of its clients, and it uses modern technology to overcome new platforms and expand logo narrative along the way. We create campaigns that require an inventive direction and it is a team effort involving account management, technical and innovative choices. We manage this system to achieve the best possible outcome to your brand marketing.

Web Service

Building a website is a truly collaborative project between your business and the web company you choose. Look for experience, professionalism and a team you can trust. Our technical development skills are wide sufficient to provide complete solutions that require high levels of back-end security and complexity matched with front end ease of use, creativity, and ingenuity.

We customize a website design uniformly with a particular design, font, and color. We attempt to exceed these expectancies by caring about how clients interact with the brands we work with, through designing, developing and producing brand experiences and promotions that can turn customers into brand advocates.

Binori Website
Ravidesai Website
Fanidhar Website
Acrolawns Website
eatlicious webstie

Brim devised an inspirational unique brand identity, brand strategy and were responsible for the ideation and creative development of a comprehensive experience system; the brand touch points that bring the idea of ‘The Proficient of Luxurious Packaging’ to life.

The primary objective of packaging is powerful communication – to talk brand and product value in meaningful, memorable, and eye-catching ways. From research and innovative brainstorming to prototyping and testing, we create a printing design that promotes your brand and entices buyers. Printing design influences clients and it is one of the foremost factors in the buying procedure. So we take super care in designing and packaging, that is both visually compelling as well as attracts customers.

Flowcet Packaging
Ombre Packaging
Florish Package

We at brim believe that we aren’t machines who function solely in a digital world (yet). As humans, we still prefer to have physical items that we can touch and feel, like books, magazines, brochures, maps, mailers, etc.

While it’s imperative to have a strong digital B2B marketing strategy, it’s also a competitive advantage to include print materials when possible and where they make sense. By having an analog presence as well as a digital presence, we can make sure our B2B brand is providing valuable resources to your prospects and clients, even when they unplug from tech for periods of time.

A brand film is a success in enticing and pleasing its viewers. We create brand films which are unique and attractive, that makes people lure more and more toward clients. Even though millennials aren’t your target audience, the branded film can be relatable to a wide range of viewers.

Branded films are probably to grow in the coming years, as both a marketing tool and an inventive endeavor. The brand film is different than your typical commercial or corporate video. What you need to do as a brand whether you’re a commercial business or a non-profit is connect to your people. When people come across your info online you want them to instantly connect and want to know more. The research shows that one of the best methods of doing this is through a video or “brand film”.

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