The 2019 elections have thrown in great insights and perspectives for us. The variegated marketing strategies of the different political parties have put for us awesome learning examples.
Citing here are the certain changes witnessed in the marketing of different political parties and also the public responses to them.


1. The digital age:

Politics may have been traditionally built but with the advent of the rise of the lotus symbol government at the centre, the usage of the social media has increased manifold. While all political parties are now having online presence – the BJP has made the most impact.
The advent of smart phones in India has made it possible to reach the masses rather than just relying on billboards or other traditional methods alone. This has led to the duality of marketing online as well as offline in a very cleverly strategized approach.

2. The game changer:

Since 2014 lok sabha elections, BJP led by Narendra Modi foresaw the benefits of digital penetration to appeal to the masses. The point to note here is that they have been consistent in engaging digital marketers to keep the public connected and updated about the work of Prime Minister and the Ministry via social media. Other political parties like the Congress followed suit.

3. Public footprints:

The social media and digital engagement have been leveraged by the then CM Narendra Modi with combination of both offline and digital campaigns in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Imagine how over the period of time his network of digital marketers must have assembled huge data about the demographics of the potential voter’s right from the largest constituency to the state and then India on the national level. Since the data was broken down in the public profile region wise, the marketing content was tailor-made accordingly.

With this three major points that changed the way India votes today – we go further into recent elections. Here we shall cite the benefits of multi-pronged marketing approach and how BRIM helps you achieve such awesome brand presence.


1. The 2014 footprints:

Being in the digital sphere since 2014, enabled BJP to customize their content according to the mood of the voters. They could work out on their content from time to time keeping their core message intact. The idea here is that with situation or circumstances the content might change too, but the central message must be uniform always.

2. Truth should be the middle tone:

Each message must be inherently truthful. Citing facts, figures and statistics along with the apparent reality of the situation, one must be committed to what one is trying to convey. This is the foundation stone of good marketing practice that the Prime Minister’s party have emphasized on. Take the example of his speeches. Since, PM Modi is a good orator, he has impact-fully created the need to “recall” his speech long after they’re done. If you think that videos are what we are talking about then you’re wrong. PM’s digital marketers catch important points of his speech and create recall by posting them on social media. This highlights important points quickly and effectively. His speech and his tweets are cognizant to the schemes and policies that the government has brought out.

3. Fusing truth and consistency brings rewards:

This point holds strength in social media domain. When the social media images have strong content infused with true facts with consistent message, digital bombardment leads to the outcome that is “uniform”. When you compare Rahul Gandhi’s advertisements with PM Modi’s advertisements the former lacks uniformity throughout. As a result impact is not created.

These three essential points of marketing; ie. customized content, truthfulness, consistency and uniformity in impact generates leads. At BRIM, we are high on this points hence our marketing team are able to work closely with clients extremely well once they’re given a detailed brief on all these nuances of combined marketing – fusing online and offline. Our research into the current political scenario – which is the best way to explain – enables us to help our clients achieve their marketing output (digital and traditional) in the most efficient and effective manner.

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