More than 3 billion people trapped under lock down creates a reality worst than what we have seen in Hollywood doomsday scenarios. Countries like the USA, India, China and many countries in Europe are under lock down.  These countries are the one that power the global economy by consuming the goods and services that the world produces.

The population under lock down is facing stress due to health, social, emotional, economic and financial worries. Consumption has decreased and large sections of populations are under threat of survival as they are unable to make ends meet.

Brands are struggling to keep themselves relevant as so as to what do they communicate to the consumers who are burdened with thoughts of making ends meet. The tipping point is that; the values that most of the brands stand for no longer seem relevant to the consumer now. This is the paradox that most brand managers across the country are faced with – consumer disconnect with brand values and the need to keep the brand relevant – as that is the only thing that will enable the corporate to get out of this situation once the lock down eases.

Brim’s Team of designers hit upon the idea of creating the brand identity to reinforce the message of social distancing. These recreated logos reflected the current concerns of the customers and it reinforced the thought that these brands were responsive to the changes in the society and the companies that owned the brands were responsible corporate citizens.

Here are some of the logo transformations:

Creative Logos

We hope through this effort we were able to assist Corporate in positioning their brands as responsible and responsive and at the same time we were also able to further the social cause by reinforcing the concept of Social Distancing. Further this is not a standalone initiative by Brim, nor is it restricted for occasional usage by the creative team at Brim.

We believe that societal concerns like ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION, PREVENTIVE HEALTHCARE, ISSUES OF GENERAL WELL BEING, EDUCATION ETC. are the issues that Brands and Creative Agencies need to adopt and integrate into their Branding and Communication strategy regularly. This will not only help the brands to stay relevant but it will also help in creating awareness on social issues in the society at large.

On a happier note, this initiative also helped our Creative Team to fight boredom and depression by channelizing the creative energy in a productive manner.

Ultimately, advertising and branding matters because it is how a company or an organisation communicates what it stands for.

Stay safe and keep afloat, this too shall pass!