With the major portion of our waking lives spent in our job which accounts to nearly 12 hours put into professional life with the additional commuting hours (if you stay very far from the place you work at) – we are actually oversimplifying the complexities of work-life balance. That puts a huge question on the leader’s head about the accountability of work life. Additional to that is the creativity element and we push our boundaries far.

At BRIM, accountability is not a notion – it is something we ingrain in our work culture through the carefully laid up work culture that we have built up over the period of time. Our work-life balance philosophy resonates with the words of David Whyte in The Heart Aroused :

“The rich flow of creativity, innovation, and almost musical complexity we are looking for in a fulfilled work life cannot be reached through trying or working harder. The medium for the soul, it seems, must be the message. The river down which we raft is made up of the same substance as the great sea of our destination. It is an ever-moving, firsthand creative engagement with life and with others that completes itself simply by being itself. This kind of approach must be seen as the “great art” of working in order to live, of remembering what is most important in the order of priorities and what place we occupy in a much greater story than the one our job description defines. Other “great arts,” such as poetry, can remind and embolden us to this end. Whatever we choose to do, the stakes are very high. With a little more care, a little more courage, and, above all, a little more soul, our lives can be so easily discovered and celebrated in work, and not, as now, squandered and lost in its shadow.”

Here’s how we have built up our work culture at BRIM:

Just work isn’t everything:

We don’t look at work as job. We look at our work as was means to bring out our skills, sharpen them and use them for goals to meet. Though we have targets to fulfill and deadlines to meet – work is enhanced with the notion that it is to be done to the best of the ability

We are a FAMILY:

For us, the concept of Family is very important. It is the way we have put everyone on an equal footing. Anyone has a problem, we try and help in every way we can. Someone needs balance the emergency or crisis at home? We try and bring a solution to how that person can ensure the balance in work. Someone is not smiling? We detect that and bring them to a jovial mood. Apart from this, everyone works based on their skills and specializations. There are no senior or junior posts.

Little Celebrations:

Appreciation from clients, great feedback from team workers, day to day goals met, targets achieved all these culminate to little celebrations that we cherish. This way everyone finds meaning in doing good work with great creativity.

Outbound Trips:

At Least once in a year (but we try and do more) we organize outbound trips for enhancing teamwork, understanding each other and bringing our team into a cohesive unit that leads to better communication and interaction in the professional settings. These trips add more glue for being like a family unit.

Finding Ourselves:

The world of corporate is not something that we yearn for. But the creative world is something we do earn for. Creativity is our core value that we all cherish and at BRIM we keep bouncing the ball of creative ideas, learning from each other and never undermining or discriminating anyone. If someone makes mistakes – we ensure that we learn from those experiences and not be harsh by sitting on the judgement table.

These aren’t grand concepts or ideas. These are small ways in which we earn big dividends. Yes! If you join BRIM, be assured that you feel being part of the Family. It is something we will keep striving to hold.